Although only 24 years old
Today's Atletico Madrid attack on the line overcrowding, Costa and Bitolo joins the original is to increase the number of less prejudices intensified competition. Glitzman, Torres, Correa, Carrasco, "There's Saul! son, who stood aside Anthony Bitetto Jersey, cautioned that the role Costa could play in today's Atletico Madrid Old Jose also expressed his own opinion: "He is a very unique player. Simone will have many different arrangements, although the striker, but each has its own characteristics, Torres is more like a leader So he can always find his place Predators Jerseys For Sale.As for whether he can play a big role in the Spanish national team, I am not very worried about those who can enjoy his career in the club just fine.

Although only 24 years old Ryan Johansen Jersey, but Kane has won two Premier League Golden Boot Award, and this season, he is also a good state, currently scored 18 goals, leading the Premier League scorer list Roman Josi Jersey. England football star Alan Shearer is very optimistic about Kane, he believes that this foe can break their 260 goals in the Premier League scoring record. For Kane, if joining Real Madrid, his income will rise dramatically, because his current weekly salary is only 120,000 pounds, but if Real Madrid can get four times the salary, annual salary may exceed 25 million pounds.

Of course, joining Real Madrid, Kane's exposure and influence will also be greatly increased, which helps him in the Golden Globes and competition in the promotion of world football rankings. However, Tottenham does not intend to easily lose Kane, the North London giants to the number one striker's mark of 300 million pounds, which means that once Kane to leave the team at this price, football will create a new transfer fee record, more than 222 million Neymar joined the euro in Paris.
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Not only the old Jose
Not only the old Jose a, almost all Atletico fans who are present today have shown great enthusiasm and support for the returning home Olli Jokinen Jersey. When the on-field narrator broadcast the list of starting players, the last one read out the name of Costa Mattias Ekholm Jersey. At that moment, the applause and cheering of the scene detonated, and the decibels almost penetrated the roof of "unprotected" over the stadium. Only read to the substitute list of Torres and coach Simone, Atletico Madrid fans gave almost the same treatment. We have no way of knowing what kind of emotion is in the hearts of Costa Rica at that moment. The author tried to speculate that this rough man Cody Bass Jersey, who scored with respect to the ball in return for his first goal, was already excited in the chest at the moment of cheering.

Prior to the introduction of Bell in the process, Real Madrid President Florentino saw Tottenham chairman Tawi shrewd, so once Real Madrid decided to negotiate with the North London giants, this is bound to be a long course. However, there are also sources that Real Madrid plans to join Bell in the transaction in order to offset part of the transfer fee.

When talking about his contractual problems, Guardiola said, "I do not know (the players) what they think (his contract), but I am in the first year, this year and next year, there is no determination Doubtful I will stay here for another year, and then we look at it.Also need to consider whether I won the honor, and whether I deserve the renewal Filip Forsberg Jersey.I am very happy here, very happy, but to continue About, you need to win, if you can not win, then you can not afford to continue coaching, I hope to win.
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Even after a long absence
Even after a long absence, but wearing red and white once again set foot in La Liga Arena Costa quickly let the game into their familiar rhythm Austin Watson Jersey. He constantly harassed the visiting team defender in the front court careless running, but also in a repeated physical contact trying to negotiate cheaper. In just over five minutes, he has had a confrontation with the referee and has made a threatening play on the pitch Mike Santorelli Jersey.

Arteta is actually a veteran Arsenal, Arsenal have played for many years under his command, therefore, Wenger seems a logical successor to his successor. It is reported that Arsenal and Arteta also conducted informal negotiations, but the top Arsenal are also under pressure, the club hopes to find a successor they recognize, rather than Wenger suggested.

During the interview, Guardiola also hopes that many of his disciples will stay at the Etihad Stadium. "All our young players, the players' agents and their parents know that we want them to stay with the team for a long time Cody Franson Jersey. There is no doubt that we want to extend the contract between Genus and Debraone Ryan Johansen Jersey, but the negotiations are negotiations, and sometimes it is difficult to negotiate, but they all know that we want to negotiate with them and I hope to establish with these players Something we started in 18 months and continue with them.
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Although he can see a long
Although he can see a long battlefield battle he was running and dribbling with his once admirer Derek Roy Jersey, but from this point onwards, Atletico Madrid once again found himself under the armored Jagged style. Correa scored the first half after the game, the game will be endless in the body contact and whistle slipping quietly, quite a color of Costa to enjoy the emperor's glory and applause, the tinnitus of the decibels can be almost the same The controversial referee midfielder to get into the lounge when booing comparable.

Of course, in the past encountered such a situation, there will always be like the newly arrived melon handsome unknown fans side "applauded everyone" four asked: "Why is this ah" Corey Potter Jersey, but this time the moral is too obvious, there is no Earrings, did not look around, did not hesitate to look at the so-called time-cards Victor Bartley Jersey, the audience responded as if only for a second.

With the smooth transfer of Coutinho Barcelona, ??the famous "outdoor sports stands" also updated the most expensive 11-man lineup in today's world of football. Four were selected Manchester City, Barcelona and Real Madrid Dante Fabbro Jersey, respectively, two short-listed. Manchester United and Liverpool, Paris, one of each successfully selected this lineup.
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